Do not let this world define you.

Someone said in a movie that sometimes people label you. It’s as if these people say who you should be and what you ought to be and in the end, one tragedy happens—you believe them and you become the person they considered you.

Personally, I looked at that line and think how true it is. Whenever someone does not appreciates me or say lots of things they do not like about my personality, I feel down. However, eventually, I will kind of accept it and feel sorry that I am that awful person and I apologize for everything—sometimes for being me. I came to a point that no one encourages me and this world made me feel like a failure. Worst thing is I believed it that resulted living a life with failures.

That’s all I’ve been thinking yesterday morning.

“Do not let the World define you,” I said to myself. Because the moment you started to believe them who you are, you expose yourself to be defined by someone else’s eyes and standards. “Do not let people, nor does circumstance, your boss, neither you friends nor your boyfriend define you.”

You define yourself. No matter how loud they shout in what way they want you to be, close your ears and do not listen. Or else, you will consider it, you will lose the truth. You will lose yourself.

And the truth is you’re precious, especially to God and He is concern on how we see ourselves because God has given us unique things that defines us.

No, it’s not pride. Pride is different from knowing who you really are and your capacities. And Inferiority is different from humility. Humility knows their worth but not boast about it. Inferiority do not know who they are, what’s their worth and end up being in a corner crying and sucking their thumbs.

All I’m saying is: do not let this world define you. You are more than what other people think of you, you are more than all the things you possess or you don’t possess. You are more than clothes, more than attainment, more than your career. You are more than even what you think you are.

You are God’s daughter.

You are His son.

And if He is the King of kings, then you should know who you are.


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