The guy named Dustin

I always clearly remember the first time I heard his unfamiliar name. It was a class in college, a few years back. I was talking to one of my best friends and she suddenly said, “May naghahanap nga pala sayo.” (Someone’s looking for you) If only a camera can capture what I look like then, my face must have one eye brow and a puzzled smile. I asked her who and she said a classmate in English class. When she opened her mouth again, that’s when I heard his name for the first time. Someone is looking for me, a guy named Dustin.

A few months after from my trip to Japan and my sudden sprained ankle, I entered a class and that’s when I saw him closely. By then, I knew the reason why he was looking for me: we have a common friend that asked him to. We never conversed.

Until one day, he asked to borrow a shirt from me—online. As a good person that I am (ahem!) I entertained him and we became good friends since. We talk in school, we send a couple of texts. Our friendship slowly grew—we go home together, he always pays for my fare ride, we constantly talk on the phone and sometimes eat together with my friends.

Until one night, it was our play’s last full show plus victory party, he confessed that he likes me more than a friend. It’s also the night he thought he’s going to lose me.

But of course, he didn’t or else, I won’t be typing these words! LOL. Anyway, from then, everything became really hard for the both of us. And I told him to wait for a year for me. I thought he’ll not make it and quit along the way. But, I was wrong—in spite of our differences, our struggles and all the odds, he stayed. He never left how painful and hard it was.

And so, after two years, we officially labeled it. Other people ask us why it took us so long before we finally told the world our story, well, we are a private couple. LOLJK! Haha! But, somehow, yes. We keep things discrete through social media (although we are cheesy like that! Haha!) but the deeper things are left between us.

Yesterday, he celebrated his 22nd birthday.

I’ve known this guy more than what he shows to people. He has this facade of a cheerful person holding a camera, making every person smile. But inside that guy is someone who is tough, emotional at times, fighter, caring, vulnerable and humble, selfless. He is not a quitter. The person who never left me in times I needed him, He is the only one I know who can make fun of me. He’s my best friend above anything, my parent sometimes when he scolds me, my very personal photographer and my boyfriend.

To a guy named Dustin, this post is for you. I love you.


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