My title is my self coined word that means: I write whenever I am stressed–Which is, we all know true! I can’t help it. I need to bring it out or else, my mind (and my heart, how cheesy that may sound) will explode. Literally. LOL.

I am not going to tell you why I’m stressed. Yet.

But for now, I’m going to try to post in the happiest tone I’ll ever had. Even if you’re reading. Just to break the spell of my drama posts.

By the way, these past few days, I’m kind of… Okay… Broke! Because of some expenses that I didn’t managed to handle, I still thank God I still have enough money until tomorrow! And Friday’s holiday! Horaaay!  I’m in need of a rest, trust me!

And speaking of rest, I’m going to Japan on December! That is now official and true. 🙂 But, as always, the annual thing in going to Japan would mean a lot of pressure from my parents and siblings and…. yeah, boyfriend.

That’s it. I’m feeling better nao. Actually, when I feel really, really down and I don’t know who to turn to, I type in my blackberry endlessly and then I would feel better. It’s one of the things I learn about myself lately.

I am emotional but I can shook it off the moment I write. Like a therapeutic aroma. Thank God, He let me able to write. And I thank God for my thumb even if it has spasm! HAHA! T____T


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