Sweet November

Dear November,

It’s almost the end of the year. And, for one–I told myself that this would be my year of “breakthroughs”. In fact, I think, I still haven’t acted upon my year yet. So, please. Be sweet, and bring me the breakthroughs I WANT! Haha.

So anyway, this month would be my busiest month up-to-date. I think. It’s my first time to be the team leader or, the “champion” as my boss calls it to a marketing campaign. The truth is, I feel lost still. It’s not my thing to be in long meetings, planning and acting on the plans. That’s why I am really thankful to my boss. He doesn’t let me go in the dark alone. For now, he’s assisting me and trying to train me. But sooner, I’ll be doing this on my own. Our launch for this marketing campaign is… surprise, surprise, this november! haha! Plus, some extra activities I committed to like going to a school to make the teacher’s special (a special project).

This is also the time of my boss’ engagement. So, I’ll be assisting in the event too. Oh, yeah. Plus some projects for our “Breakthrough Project” Campaign (Bazaar by Marketing, Thanksgiving by Exec Office and the “Executive Bible” and the dance class!)

Just now, I realized… all these time I’m pressuring myself to make some breakthroughs well in fact, they’re in my face screaming. I am just unappreciative  I guess. 😛

So, that’s it. I can’t wait for December and end the year out of the country. I am sad and happy about it. Of course, Christmas is waaaaay more fun in the Philippines! No hyperbole here. That’s true!! But, maybe it’s a little different to spend it outside the country. Right?

So, November… please be sweet. Please be light even if they say you’re the scariest month. I say… you’re a month of hope. To change, to do stuffs just before the year ends. Like shopping. LOL.





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