My nemesis

I have a question: have someone did something awful to you that you felt a less of a person? That you want to fight it but you can’t because you just don’t have the right to?

It may happen to everyone–your boss, parents or your friend. Mine’s a little different. That person happened to be… a mere stranger.

I haven’t told anyone (well, maybe a few) about the story of that person i won’t give a clue if a lady or a gents. let’s just be appropriate and use a male pronoun. So, there was a celebration that day and I happened to be involved. While I was standing in the middle of it all, a stranger (who I know the name, btw) became so rude to me that I started to feel small. By rude, I mean poking at my face.

I laughed about it but since then, I felt like the world has little worlds in it. Either you fit in one and doesn’t at another. We call those little world as, “social classes”. We belong to one and just like love, we cannot be in the middle. That poke she given me clearly showed that i am not part of their small world. And those statements she said clearly wanted me to back off. i never told this to my close friends, not even my boyfriend. I don’t want to feel small to them as that person let me feel.

I’m writing now because I saw her on-line and kind of realized that I can’t really compete with this nemesis. She’s higher than me in level of class. But of a person… we’ll I don’t know.


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