The Year of Completion

Hi there blog!

It has been a long time since I opened and typed everything in my mind. Tell you honestly, I’m just not ready to tell you things. It has been so much different now when I think about it but it feels so much better.

There are things I can’t really broadcast online. But my hiatus from November to December is a fall into a pit. Don’t ask why.

However, when I get back from Japan this January and I started to work again, I felt different. And after a series of things, I realized how beautiful this 2013 is.

I am looking forward for completion. My song of the year is “He who Began a Good Work in You.”. I believe that every bad thing may had happened to me in 2012, the year I said that would be my breakthrough… well, this year, I’m claiming that He will not leave me and continue all the good works that He started in me.

I can’t promise to blog more the rest of the year but I surely will update. Ciao, God bless everyone! (Time to get back to work. haha)


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