A post for a great man I knew.

When the news broke out that Sunday morning, I felt like an arrow hit my chest. I can’t control my tears from falling. I felt like I lost a grandfather when Tatay Berting (what we call him) died.

I will never forget him since I was seven when we started to go to church, he was there–all the time. And one moment that went in my mind for hours when I knew he was gone was the moment he talked to me after a short preaching. He said he was so proud of me.

It’s rare that I hear words like that that’s why when he uttered it… from an 80-year old man with full of wisdom and years, it was touching.

However, when I saw him inside that white box last sunday night, I felt like the arrow was taken away from my heart. He looks at peace, he look so stressed free, so calm, so still. That when I realized what happened to him is the greatest thing to happen. He’s now home with our Father and with his wife.

We love you Tatay Berting. ♥


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