More than meets the eye.

A famous cliche once said that you will never know the person’s life unless you were in their shoes. People these days, I find them weird and extraordinary in many ways than one. I sometimes stop to think, asked myself, “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??”. Well, as we all know that no one is perfect, you can list an endless rant about someone until we all die. But the thing is, you’ll never really understand why people act for a certain unless you are them.

We don’t know how they were raised, how they feel, how they were rejected, how life has been so mean to them. Everyone come from something that’s why we ended up like this. Sometimes, those situations we can’t control… some, we can’t handle. most, are due to our choices and other people’s choices that affects us. We can try to control our lives but a part of us is like it because of things that had happened.

Things that sometimes unseen, hidden and laid to rest. Secrets that are kept to keep our selves moving forward and not mind the past. Tragedies that our brain auto-hide. There are phenomenons, there are accidents, there are motives, secret missions.

The thing is, we don’t have the right to judge. We don’t have the right to condemn. We don’t have the right to measure someone’worth, abilities, fire, freedom. We won’t and we can’t set standards for a person because we don’t know anything.

We don’t know if he’s okay, if in the past he is betrayed, beaten and hurt. We have no idea if they’re hiding something unconsciously, lying to cover up other, fearful because of some trauma… we actually have no idea.

Bottom line, we can’t control people. We can only influence them, we can earn their respect but at the end, we cannot make them do what you want them to do. Only God can do that. And as people, let’s control ourselves because we are not them. We don’t know what they’re going through–to make conclusions, decisions and judgment on what our eyes can only see.


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