Work Related


“Ang Bilis!” (So Fast!) is one of the inside jokes we use to say in the office. It’s actually coined by my boss referring to someone who deals so fast, execute things so fast and does everything very fast. He would constantly say it with a very distinct intonation. But right now, for me, it’s not just an inside joke. It’s actually what I’m feeling on what’s happening around. Ambilis. Everything is just too fast-paced for me.

It feels like yesterday when I first got my job. I went home in a 2 hours ride everyday. Until I started to live in one of the hotel properties we own and my best friend Anne was hired. After six months, she left and I have to live alone for another 6 months or so before I decided to transfer near the office with a new roommate. We became close friends with two other people who live beside us and have an another inside joke that we are the “Bayot ng PBB” (The gays in PBB -PBB is a hotel).

Until everything changed. One transferred, and now… next week, the other two will leave. One-my roommate and the other resigned. And it makes me think how fast things has been. How everything changes in front of me the minute I started to adjust and be comfortable with the situation.

It actually also  makes me sad… to see few people pass and go. And to adjust without them and move on again.

Next week will be the last week we may be together in the company. We will party!! But after that, who knows what will happen? Everything goes so fast. I just wish I could capture all those memories and put them in a bottle where I can get it every time I want.


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