___________, Wealth and Spirit.

I’ve been in my job for almost two year now. Yes! It’s the kind of moment when you think it’s not too long and not too short. It’s a so-so thing. Anyway, In that span of time, I am administering and been in a marketing position in a gym–an exclusive, high maintenance wherein our clients are high-profile people. Yes, such gym (that you can work-out alone as if it’s all yours-that exclusive kind of way) exists. Due to its perks like being open for 24 hours, depending on when you want to work out (Shameless plugging. Yes, I’m paid for this! LOLLL), it also cost a lot.

As a very introvert person that I am. “Taong Bahay” in Tagalog. Being in a big city such as Makati (in Manila) makes me twirl a little bit. Despite that I am working in a company (that fitness gym), yesterday marks a new history in my life–my first gym class! +10 Yay!

First, no, not in the exclusive gym! minus hundred for that? 😦 But no worries, sooner I’ll be experiencing our own product, just waiting for the right time tho! Going back.. I went to this “so-so” gym yesterday and the truth to be told, I had fun! Those cardio exercises are wicked! I can even feel some pain at myback and legs right now. Yes, no pain.. no gain!

True enough, my boss told me that having a figure is no joke. It takes a looooooooot of effort. Like what Mr. Fuentes said that monday morning-what you give, it will be measured to you as well. It’s a tithes and offering related thing but to fitness, what you give your body will be given back to you as well. Give it junks, it will give you diseases. Give it an exercise, it will give you fitness and coordination. Whatever you do to your body has consequences  Trust me, I know.

I went to the gym not to achieve that bikini-body everyone might think because I have no plans on wearing them anyway. I did because for almost 2 years in my job, all I did was to sit, file files, do admin works, design and lay-out in front of my computer. I occasionally do events but that’s just it. I’m giving my body a lazy routine and sooner, it might give me some effects I don’t wanna know. So, as young as I am, I have to control myself and discipline my body. For this body is not just something to be wasted, we shall remember this is the temple of the Holy Spirit! 🙂


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