“You don’t have to be a hot-mess in your twenty-something” thoughts

Yesterday, Since I don’t have a lot of task, I started to read some Though Catalog entries. Blogger/contributors there are amazing! *applause*. They do diverse topics and very relatable with a touch of a prominent writing. I came across many articles, hopping from those that makes me cry, made me laugh and made me nod my head for various approval. There is this one article tho that stood out for me, the “You don’t have to be a hot mess in your twenties.”. I’ll post the link and the author below this blog so you can check it out!:)

I love that article because I can totally totally relate. As in, totally. Haha. I’m in my early twenties even though I really don’t want to accept the fact that I’m getting older. And by the way, in my recent Japan trips, they thought I was 12 or 14 or 16. Yes, makes me blush. lol. Anyway, being in the twenties in the Philippines is a huge thing–Well, not that it involves fireworks or some large parties and ball gowns. 18 years old debut-ant ball is still one of the most festive in the country but a huge thing that is subtle, like a predator that slowly creeps to the pray–now THAT! That is the feeling of being in twenty-something experience.

In here since we don’t have Junior high school before, we graduate by 20 or 21 (depending on the course). In my experience, I graduated 20 years old. And it marks new things. In my twenty, I realized my life was boring, I don’t go to the bar and went home by the morning, I don’t do drugs, I don’t even drink or take a cigarette a chance. I’m 20 something and while everyone is trying new things to figure out life, there I sit.

That article made me look at my life right now and before. I, like the author, is not someone special. I feel so normal and typical. But, we are all the same–we are trying to figure out how this life works! After graduating two years ago, I feel like lost in the woods, not knowing what to do. Yes, I have a work now and my career is going somewhere but still in my mind I’m a lost twenty-something.

I always tell myself, it is just the rough transition from teenager to being a young-adult and sadly, no one taught us how real life goes. But I realized the article that even the adults are still trying to figure this world.

It just enlightens me, a little bit. That I don’t need to be a hot mess to do it right. I mean, we have our own ways but looking back, being the boring, school-house thing kid who loves to read and enjoys coffee every friday night–I regret nothing. I’m still that person now and I am enjoying my life (Believe it!) even though I’m still like every other twenties (and more) that is figuring something out.

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PS: I feel like my post is “Choppy” SORRY! :l


5 thoughts on ““You don’t have to be a hot-mess in your twenty-something” thoughts

  1. I totally agree with everything you’re saying. There’s no one way to be a twentysomething, and we should be happy with the experiences we are having – even if they’re not all the stereotypical twenties experiences.

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