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Why Do I feel like I’m Jenny Humprey.

Jenny Humprey. Sounds familiar but you just can’t seem to point where you heard her name? Well, if you’re a guy, I am assuming you won’t know her unless your little sister/big sister/girlfriend/mom etc. mentioned it to you. Jenny Humprey is a character from a book and a series of CW’s Gossip Girl. I read the book and she is brunette, short and big-boobed there but in the series she is blonde, tall and skinny portrayed by Taylor Momsen. In my blog tho, we’re going to rely more of the series than of the book.

Last night as I went to a 5-star hotel here in Manila and went to their bar to meet a band, I realized how I felt I was Jenny Humprey. I went inside encountering these set of people that I know different than me and I’m not even sure if I am fit for the place.

Like Jenny, I didn’t grow up and was raised in Manhattan, New York, which of course like Makati City or Manila here in the Philippines. I grew up in a province two hours away from the city with a simple life of an average person. If I’m in America, I would be a “county girl” but because I’m comparing myself to Jenny, let’s just say I’m from Brooklyn. In short, not part of the 1% elites in the country and living a simple life until something happened.

Jenny went to Constance school, a private school for girls in New York where the elites are. I’m not sure how her dad can afford such school but it was the story anyway. Actually, I went to an international school when I was in my grade level. However today, I might be working but it feels like being in a Constance—working and rubbing elbows with the “aristocrats” or “Elites” of our country. And by that, I mean owning properties like hotels and having more than eight digits in their bank account.

One of the band members asked me last night how I got my job and I said I have no idea. The truth is I never really saw it coming that I will be in a company wherein my job will be too close with the executives and thus, meeting and greeting people around their circles.

Like Jenny, I don’t belong to this world but I have no choice but to live my life. Like her, I sometimes want to fit in but I know in me that I won’t because this is not my world. I feel like a Jenny Humprey because she only got to attend a party, or a cotillion when she is working, volunteering, sewing Blair’s gown’s mishap and or making invitations to parties you are not even invited. I’m hanging by a thread to the social status just because I know someone popular. A person who just wanted to fit in a world she knows isn’t for her.

The character has many differences from me too, but every time I am consumed by the glitz and glamour of these people, I feel like her—she maybe in an expensive gown or coming from a luxurious car but people still see her as the girl from Brooklyn. No more, no less.


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