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Because of his every reliable Executive Assistant and Marketing Associate (ahem, ahem! haha), my boss is now in Europe enjoying one month vacation. We talked few moments ago via internet chat. He asked some stuff and I tell him the updates. After talking, he said he needs to go and sent me a message that says, “That’s all. Thanks, (my name). Be safe and have a good weekend!”

Shortly after that, he signed out. I told myself that wow, I have the nicest boss! Not to mention every good traits he has too. I did something else–check my mail, call some people, chat gossip about Kim Kardasian with my office mate before I went to the power room.

There, a light bulb moment happened to me. “Oh,” that light flicked open, “I have a very good life right now.” I continued. I have the most caring boss (who let me go on a vacation for one month), a person who loves me, even all my flaws in my boyfriend, some distant but still true friends scattered in Dubai, Calamba City, Manila, San Pedro Laguna, Alabang, I have my church buddies and best friend. I have a small space I can call my own, I go to the gym and I’ve adjusted already. From my finances, I have savings, from the people at work I have friends. Most importantly, I started to write again–not on my blog but on paper (metaphoric). I haven’t wrote anything from scratch since college (3rd year) and its interesting to come up with all these crazy new ideas to write about. Plus, it’s therapeutic. For me.

I call this post perspective because just before that light bulb moment, I thought my life is a mess.

That I need to get out of my work, get out of my situations, everything in unclear, cluttered. But the truth is, that’s just one way of seeing it, after the moment of light bulb I felt like my direction of viewing shifted and this time, it feel better… there is peace in this view, there is hope, happiness and joy.

It’s just a matter of perspective.

It’s true that everything is controlled by God and we should trust him but looking at the right angle of life will make it even easier to deal with. Like happiness is a choice, point of view is a choice too. I have chosen to be gloomy and sad about my life but I realized why would I? My life is turning out fine. It’s not perfect but there is always room for change.

Ooooh, how cliche am I sounding? But it’s true (at least according to me!). So the bottom line is, life may be hard today but change the view! Turn it around and look for a better perspective.

Have a happy weekend everyone!


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