A love like it.

I relax on the couch on a typical lazy Saturday afternoon with our electric fan full blast before me. The sun was on its peak as the clock says its 3:40pm. At this time of the year, April to b precise, the heat is extreme. People know it’s summer not just because students are out of school but the sun is beaming towards us that results to humid afternoons, itchy and painful skins when exposed to it. Unbearable is an understatement.

At a time like this while others choose to enjoy the heat in indulging in beaches and pools, I decided to stay at home instead. Sit on the couch and read some good ebooks using my phone.

I always loved reading. Novels top my list. Whenever I read one, it takes me somewhere–to a new place and meet a lot of people who openly tell their stories. I don’t know why but stories excites me. Whenever I stare at strangers at the mall or walking down the street, they excites me. For I know that behind everyone is a story. Some untold, some forgotten and long gone, some waiting to be said.

As I read Nicholas Sparks’ first ever novel, The Notebook, it took me to a different time–some decades ago. 1934 to be exact.

I have watched the movie countless of times and I am well aware that is it based from a book. However, I didn’t ever thought of reading it. Not until this lazy Saturday afternoon.

After I was done with it, it left so many questions that linger in my mind like: Does it really exist? That passionate love Allie and Noah shared? A love that started in the innocent summer when they were fifteen and seventeen respectively to the day she got Alzheimer and he cancer?

A lot of people I know always tell me to find a life time partner who is my friend more than a lover. Because according to my “all-knowing” (hahaha!) friends, people who are married will come to a point in their lives that the love for each other fades, the butterflies in her stomach have died and buried (Poor thing!) and his efforts to express his love like flowers and chocolates and kisses are long gone. By that time, they say, only the friendship remains. The sparks are gone.

It’s so contradicting to Noah and Allie. Noah loved her since he was seventeen, he loved her even though he had some lovers in between, he loved her in the time of war, he loved her to build the house, he loved her after 14 years, after 4 children, after she was more than 40 years old, he loved her even to the times of her illness. Though old, he still saw Allie as beautiful as before and he never stopped loving her.

Does this kind of love exist? Or my friends are right that it fades through the years and only friendship will remain? I DON’T KNOW. Even if I search google, I wouldn’t have known.

Maybe someday, somehow, there would be an answer to my question. Until then, it will linger. It will stay to be a thought, a curiousness, words lingering in my head. Until then, I’ll wait and until then I will know.


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