Falling in love with thy self

It’s funny how people fall in love. Some cliché said that it’s called “falling” because you can’t help the feeling: can’t stop it, control or do anything about it. It just happens. Indeed, people have done so many overwhelming things if in love: some could write a novel, other can write a song, some promises the moon, the stars and all the intergalactic forces (even aliens!lol), a couple can sacrifice everything—a career, family, a business, themselves. It’s crazy! It’s crazy how people become irrational when they “fall” in love. And as my favorite quote from Aquamarine says, People get though all the pain of love because “it’s the closest thing we have to magic”.

When loving a person, it’s no question that the feeling is to the moon and back. However, when we talk about falling in love with yourself connotes negativity all the time. It depicts selfishness, greediness, rudeness, egotism, vanity and such. But like most people put it, it’s not wrong to love yourself. Not because no one will love you if you don’t. I don’t believe in such lie but because there is something more than loving yourself that these prejudice.

When I read an article about loving myself, I cried. No pun intended. I always thought loving myself is selfish (as I stated above) but realizing that you deserve the love from within you, it will always make a difference.

Similar how you love people even though they are flawed, we need to love ourselves like it. I believe that our number one critic is ourselves! We see everything, even the smallest flaw we have: we see ourselves un-bathed, no make-up, and all those things. But we have to love our bodies no matter how small your nose is, or short your height or how your eyes differ from each other. We got to accept these little details and embrace our own flaws.

Aside physically, we know our thoughts, our hearts, our secret sins or actions that most of the time led to un-forgiveness. I went through that: I blamed myself, self-condemned to the point I didn’t realized I do not forgive myself from all the mistakes I made. It’s painful to think about it now. When we fall in love with us, we acknowledge our faults but we must learn to forgive us—to erase those self-condemnations and break free from all the guilt and shame. Let’s not be rude to our own, let’s not give way to inferiority and self-pity. It will consume us to our very last.

Like how you love a person, you will trust him, have faith, pardons, and accept loving thy self is the same thing. We have to trust that we can do the best decisions we can, have faith that wherever life brings us we can stand still, pardon us when we made the wrong decisions or wrong turns in life and accept that we are flawed, we are not perfect but still love anyway.

It’s not an accident God said in Mark 12:28-31 that ‘you shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ He meant it. We must love ourselves and may that love overflow that we can share the same love to others.


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