Book Review

A Safe Haven: A (short) book review

Hello! It has been a while since I did some book review and honestly, there’s so much I have read in between the last one (Calling Romeo) and this! Sorry! I have a habit of reading one book one after the other and when I finally wanted to do a review, I kind of get confused. Hahaha! Yes, I’m such troll. I kid, I kid. Anyway, I’m starting to read “This is How You Lose her” now so I must just get into this review before I lose what I think about it.

They say we can’t judge a book by the cover but this certain book bores me when I saw the cover so I didn’t read it for a long time until I decided to. The first few chapters, I must say, bored me (Sorry!). It’s just plain with long narrations. However, it’s just at the beginning. As the story progress it caught my attention more. The lead character, Katie, was described unusually and so I realized there is something wrong with her or whatever happened to her. On the other hand, Alex, the lead man, feels so warm and gentle from how the author describes him.

At some point there are many things in the book that are predictable: Katie’s past, how Alex fell in love with her and Kevin reaching her. However, there are tons of things I didn’t saw coming especially at the end. When I finally read the last chapter, I felt Goosebumps. No joke.

Once again, Nicholas Sparks nailed it with this book. His writing made me feel nervous (when Kevin is about to spot her), it made me fall in love with a gray-haired man and made me cry, feel Erin’s pain.

All in all, I like the book so much. 5 out of 5. Definitely something worth reading.

For the synopsis of the book and other reviews, check out this link at goodreads:


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