Hello May!

Enough of the book reviews first! (For my last two post are about them. Yes, I’m currently been addicted to reading. In fact, I am half way through, “This is why we broke up by Daniel Handler.) This time, the spotlight is on me. Lol.

It has been a while since I blog just about anything. You see, I’ve been drowning you with my thoughts that I forgot to talk about myself. (I know, it’s boring! lol) Anyway, yesterday marked the first day of may and as my little tradition, i’m blogging. Haha

Hello May!

I am expecting more unbearable sun that will scorch the Philippines. Burn! While the summer is at it’s peak, I’m at work and waiting for my life to pass me by. Lol, I kid, I kid. I am hoping this may to finally get out! Even just for the weekend. I really, really, wanted to swim or go to the beach but hardly have enough time or companion. 

Anyhow… I don’t know what to expect this May. It feels a little blur to me. I just hope t gets better! Hello, May! 🙂


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