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This is how you lose her: a book review

Don’t fret; this review is quick, quicker than you think. Lol.

There are two truths that I want to tell you first: one, I had an interest in the book because of a tumblr post I saw a few days back. I loved how it was written with a picture of a book, lettered pressed: This is how you lose her plus the lexis at the bottom part. I search the net for the title and considered this from Junot Diaz. Make long story short, I read it. And to my dismay at the very last page, the quote wasn’t there. None. Second truth, I wasn’t entirely happy about the book. I stopped from time to time and have no interest in finishing it. I actually psyche myself with these beautiful reviews online. Anyway, here are the rest of my thoughts about the book in numbers:

  1. The setting and the how the story was written were exceptional. Here, I can give Junot Diaz the credit. It’s different kind of work wherein you shift from one time frame to another, one story line to another but still have that flow and “rhythm” of the novel itself.
  2. This is the first book I have read that African-Americans/Dominican as the lead character. It interests me on how they transferred to the USA. Actually, the last chapter is my favorite part. The one that describes Yunior’s father, how they adjust in the cold climate of the states and the white people.
  3. Those two are the good parts I have seen now the story itself: I feel like the story just revolved around Yunior, a Dominican guy, and his passion for girls. He had been with different girls at a different time. He also narrated his brother’s and about his parents and that was just about it. I feel like there is no depth, no climax of the story, nothing. If it is music, it is monotonous. It just goes, no raising no falling, no vibrato. Also at the narration shifts from the first person to the second person to the third person. It feels weird and confusing. Although like I said at number one, it surprisingly still has the flow to it.

All things considered, the book didn’t move me nor did anything exceptional. I am a reader who loves some mystery and some action in a novel. Some twist and turn here and there and a concrete story on how it will go or end up. This just lost me when I finished it. I even told myself, “That’s it?”

Anyhow, this is only based on my own opinion.

2 out of 5 stars

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