Book Review

Why we broke up: a book review

As all the time, my book review starts with how I end up reading the book; Nope, it never simply “i-liked-it-and-I-will-buy-and-read” way. It’s always by curiosity. And i do hope that won’t kill me like what it did to the cat. Har har. Anyway, kidding aside… Here’s my back story.

We all know Facebook, right? Of course we do! It was a lazy day at work and I was doing a crime by opening it up.

I scrolled…



And scrolled…

Until I saw a red book cover with a cup drawn posted by a friend; the caption said she enjoyed reading it and would definitely recommend the book. As I was eying the cover, it took me back at that particular day at a bookstore. I was waiting for a friend while leaping from a book to another. I saw this red thing with a very interesting synopsis of a break up. I will definitely buy this, I told myself… but I never did.

After a year or so, I was staring at it at the computer and I end up reading the book.

The plot of the story is simple: it was a break-up letter along with the things the main character, Min, collected in their short relationship that she is giving Ed back. Min and Ed are high school students with a two different persona: Min, the artsy, different girl who loves old motion pictures and Ed, the school jock. I found the plot simple. A simple story of a girl’s first real heartbreak with some weird and fun things they do in between.

However, the book begins to get me lost at the old films Min always quote or to compare her life with. I can’t, in any way, relate to it. Plus, I kept telling myself, “What’s with the old movie thing?!” That part, although really authentic, is one that makes it all confusing.

There is only a little of information Min has given away from her own life. There might be some shocking but she didn’t mention everything but it was considerable since it is a break-up letter type of a novel.

As the story progress, I kept asking myself why they broke up. It wasn’t clear at the first few pages and I find them so in love with each other. Actually, it do really reflect how a relationship start, how you lost friends in the process, how you accept the person and how everything changes.

Setting of the novel is not that clear as well though there are points to consider like they are using land line phone that reflects the lack of cellphone. Other than that, I have no idea.

Lastly, how the story was written is great. I always have this perception to commend the author because a novel is more than hard work and perseverance, it also takes sleepless nights and whatnots of an author I experience myself (Hahaha, please give me a chance!!). I just sometimes get lost in all the descriptions of the setting or feeling but maybe it’s just me.

To wrap this up, the novel is 4 out 5 stars.


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