Mother’s day special.

Most of you know I didn’t grew up with my mom and that’s the sole reason why every time I remember mother’s day, I’m extra emotional. Yes, I cry like all the time.

My mom is now living in Japan and although I see her every once a year, I can’t deny the fact that I am hungry for a mother’s attention. I can remember when I was in college and we went to my best friend’s house, I cried in their bathroom! Yes, because her mom called me, “anak” (Filipino term for “daughter”/”son”). I never really told anyone that so this is a confession. 🙂 

Anyway, I made this post to propose a toast for all the moms out there. I know there are hidden whys and whats behind every decision of a mother especially the scene of leave her child. Mostly for their benefit like mine. But whatever circumstance is there, I know that a mother’s love is something so close to God’s. It’s undeniable and unconditional. 

Happy mother’s day to my best mom and to yours! Cheers!


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