“If you want to be sad, be sad.”

I read my title somewhere. I believe it may be in a book or in tumblr. Whoever wrote it has a point. Why would we try to hide, to fake or to stop being sad, if of all things you just want to be sad? If you feel sad and you want to be sad, be sad. Enjoy the feeling.

Be sad when you realized that you don’t know where you’re going. It’s okay. Just feel it.

Be sad upon hearing the news that someone is suffering from cancer and the chances of living is slim.

Be sad when you finished a book that made you want more, felt the pain of a loss and everything about the book made you sad. Be sad.

Be sad when your boss is not happy about your work and scolded you.

Be sad if majority of the group doesn’t want what you want and be left behind. It’s okay, be sad.

Be sad if you see yourself eat alone in your room or in a hotel while looking through blank spaces of couch and chairs. When the only sound you hear is the clicking of your plate and the utensils.

Be sad while you’re waiting for a text message that took forever to come.

Be sad lying on your back, staring at your reflection at the glass mirror at our ceiling–seeing all the mess your room looks and how it have been that way.

Be sad when no one wants to read your novel or your piece of artwork you typed with all your heart.

Be sad after going out of the gate and see a scenario you see in movies and it irritates the hell out of you.

Be sad when you colleagues try to talk to you and you don’t want to talk to them.

Be sad the time you realize you have no more load in your prepaid.

Be sad while missing you dogs and want to cuddle them, pet and play with them.

Be sad if you feel alone, unnoticed, unwanted and unappreciated.

Be sad because you hoped for the better but your life gets worse.

Be sad for you’re tired.

Be sad just because.

And after feeling it, start to change from there. After being sad, try to be happy about the things that you still can hold of, the chocolates that tastes like heaven and the people who seems not to leave you.

After being sad, be what you want to be. Be happy, be free.


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