Popcorn thoughts

It’s past midnight and I’m still awake. My mind races as if it’s running for a prize in a marthon. I’m half happy and sad about it. Happy because for one, I finally blogged after series of those book reviews. Sad because I’m writing again because I’m not that okay.

I just realized, I often think that whenever I write something, I feel like something is changed. As if my thoughts and my existence is the center of the universe.

Guess it’s not.

No matter what I do, the earth will stood still. I might go and pass away but life does not stop for anyone.

Uphill or downhill, the rotate of the earth’s axis will always be the same. It’s actually funny if we go at the outer space and look at the earth. Outside, we see a blue planet. No hunger, no pain. No person who thinks life revolves around him.

Many people come and go and the earth’s still standing. No one can boast anything.

All we have is hope. That we can change even a drop for the earth. A legacy. A meaning of life. A road so others may have a fulfilled life.

These past few months has been hard on me. Problem after problem but life cant stop for me and tell me, “hey, get on your feet and be strong!” It doesn’t do that.

Instead it goes on and on and on. And it’s up to us if we decide not to fight for our short-lived life or we run and go on even if we lost our own strengths. Even if we have feeble knees and weak hands. Because when we are weak, then we are strong.


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