Best-friends and holidays.

I actually typed three times already but I deleted the characters. The truth is, I don’t know how to start this. I want it to be well-written but to my state of mind and moment right now, let’s just make it conversational, shall we?

Best friends and holidays have one thing in common: THEY COME ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. Hahahaha. In a context wherein you are working, that is. Because when you start graduating in college and then have different jobs in different places, you’ll have the scarcity of time. And thank God for holidays because they give us a break, a rest and most especially a time to socialize.

This long weekend, I spent it with three of my best friends: one Korean which by the way I would love to visit next year, the other who is a strong woman from the inside and out and my best friend from time immemorial.

It’s nice to finally catch up with them and I just want to listen, I want to know how’s life treating them as well. It uplifts me, encouraged me and most of all made nostalgia creep into me.

I missed these people who were with me through the thickness of the situation and the thinness of it all. But among the three, I missed the Korean more because I won’t be able to see him again unless I travel there. I miss the times that we are together for he’s one of those people who never had a romantic bone for me and I for him. It was a plain friendship and all those crazy, stupid moments in between. I miss how I feel so protected when I am with him and how I can get to be myself.

This is the part that I should conclude but I can’t. Catching up with the people who are close to your heart is one of the best thing ever and I can’t conclude it. They say, relationship ends even marriages do, but friendship? Friendship lasts a life time.


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