I just want you to know

Yo WordPress!

This post is to tell everyone in the whole world that I still exist. lol. For some unexplained reasons, I’ve been typing dozens and dozens of blog post here since my last but at the last minute, I always decides not to post. So, let’s just leave it like that. The important thing is to finish this actual post and get through this now pathetic blog.

Anyhow, updates: I’ve posted a “Project: Moving On” last months ago but for some instances (plus my brain is not working too well), I deleted it. Too bad bad because I’ve been fulfilling some of the things I remember putting there. Such as: changing my hair style, quitting my job, having international and non pro driver’s license and leaving the country… soon!

Now, that’s a motivation for me! Leaving the country will make me miss home so much that I hope you, WP – my ever loving blog, will be the only thing I will have besides my mom. So beware! I know in my heart I’ll be posting soon very frequently.

So that’s all for now. No book review first because I’ve just read tons of books and I am not sure where to start. No more Dancing in the City Lights soon! Sorry guys, my selfie book is not a success. But instead, I’ll be posting some fiction novels I wrote soon.

December will change my life, I just know it will and eventually, I’ll open myself again for the cyber world.




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