A strange visit

Dear you,

I haven’t thought about you in the longest time. In fact, I don’t even think about you anymore since I can’t keep track when. But today, you visited me in my dream. And I started thinking about you again.

It has been years and it has been so unclear of what might have been, or what is really there. We really had no story, no point, no plot but I will never forget you. Even if we’ve shared very little time together and very little emotions.

In my dream, I told you a fact. Something I was planning to do and if I only am looking for a sign, I think that would be enough. Your visit made me missed you, the memories flooded me and the possibilities are pang in my chest. We now are living a very different life but somehow, someday, I want to see you again.

I want to talk to you, ask some questions I’ve been asking myself too and just reminisce the past. I want to see you and know you’re doing alright in this troubled world as we all are. I wanna know your stories and your dreams now.

Soon, I hope. I shall see you soon.

Still here,


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