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JP: Asakusa, Tokyo

I’ve been travelling to Japan since I’m 17 and never in my life I ever thought of blogging about my Asobi (Visits). But since a friend suggested the idea, here I am in my new blog category: Japan Travels. Since I am not going anywhere and japan would likely be my home for now, I will constantly post my travel reviews. First stop: Asakusa, Tokyo!

I first went to Asakusa 5 years ago (I was 17!) and my first thought was: boring! That made me realize that you can’t enjoy the place without a little background and an appreciation to the Japanese culture. Asakusa used to be the “Entertainment City” with new things in 1800s. It was a little bit destroyed during the World War but the shrines stood still.

Yesterday was one day of the golden week and Art (my friend) and I decided to go to Asakusa again.

Going to Asakusa is not tricky at all. At least for me because I used my google maps app from my phone. It’s free and very convenient with step by step instructions how to get into one place to another. Also, Japan deviced a new “user friendly” train stations with Romanjis.

Kaminarimon Gate are the first two gates leading to Sensoji Temples.I posted a photo of my self for scale.


After the big gate is Nakamise Shopping street leading to the main temple. There are a lot of people here! Going south and north.


Some stuff from the market/shopping street. Most are authentic Japanese items such kimonos, keychains made of sumo wrestlers and other Japanese-related stuff.


The final gate going to the Temple. By the way, I did’t had an opportunity to capture the temple itself. No photo taking! and there are so much people inside. So, yeah. Boo me. Hahaha but that’s another reason to go because you can find the temple for yourself.


There is this small shrine with a lot of people and a lot of smoke. My japanese father once told me that when that smoke hits you, you will have a good health for the rest of the year. So, most japanese go there for the smoke.


Another temple beside Sensoji Temple (which I don’t know the name) and these japanese guys who are photobombing me!


Another closed and unknown temple and not too far away is the statue of Buddha.


Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street on the way out of the Temple areas. Unlike Nakamise Shopping street, this one’s less crowded with the same stuff for sale.


Other things you can see at Asakusa street: Traditional Japanese Transport via a man carrying you, a lot of japanese in kimono (there are a couple, trust me! and modern shopping district like this building.


Asakusa is also the home of the oldest Amusement park. We didn’t went inside though. It’s 1000Yen per person for Adults, 500Yen for kids and people above 65 years old and free for infants. Although that’s only for an entrance fee. The rides costs some too.


At the streets, Japan’s Skytree, the tallest building here yet is seen from afar. That’s also in Asakusa although we didn’t go there. Maybe next time and in my next blog entry.


We ate in haste because we want to go to Odaiba (will be featured in my next blog post). We decided to go to this small store offering Yakitori (Japan version of grilled chicken). Most restaurants offer beer and most people are drinking beer too! but we opted for cola since I’m taking my seki medicines.

asahi and bridge

Not too far from the Temples, there’s Skytree from afar, a gold building and a weird shaped thing at the top is the manufacturer of Japan’s famous beer–Asahi! That’s also the reason most restaurants around serve beer all the time. Right picture is the Tokyo Bay wherein there’s a Water Bus (Tokyo Cruise) that will take you to other places in Tokyo.

Over-all, Asakusa is a city with so much Japanese culture. If you want to experience that, this place is for you! I enjoyed my stay and I can say that it’s one of my favorite places in Tokyo. 🙂


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