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JP: Odaiba, Tokyo

As promised from the previous post, here’s the second half of my day yesterday! Actually, I don’t have any clue where and what Odaiba, Tokyo is. Heavens forgive me, for I don’t even know Odaiba exists. But this place just proved that even the most unpopular city/part of Tokyo is a-mazing.

Going to Odaiba from Asakusa, we have actually 2 options: the train (which is very, very convenient and obvious) and the Tokyo Cruise via Tokyo Bay. Of course, we can take a cab or a car but we don’t have a car and cab costs our lives, practically. lol, kidding. Japan’s taxi’s just too expensive! For me, a “young professional” at least. Anyway, we opted to ride the cruise!

It’s a very funny story because we nearly missed the last trip and my oh my, we’re lucky to be the last passengers.  Although we need to “Nokirai” (change boats) because the straight trips to Odaiba is at 5pm and we’re there in Tokyo Cruise station at 3pm. So, we decided to take the adventure!


Photos from our first cruise. This is from Asakusa to Himode Pier (40 mins). By the way, Tokyo cruise is 1,200Yen/person (rounded off). I also have a video to this but I don’t know how to upload. Maybe next time.

frozen yougart

We stayed at Tokyo Cruise Cafe for 30mins after we arrived at Hinode Pier. There’s some refreshments like coffee and these yummy frozen yougarts! Left is Banana chocolate of Art’s and my oreo and sprinkles. Yum!


As always, Japan is on time. So our boat came by 4:30pm for Odaiba! 2nd cruise was better, I think. We stayed at the top deck and everything seems so pretty up there! L-R photos: very pretty red Japan boat (dunno where it is going), a ferry and the giddy-kid-looking me because it’s my first sail


rainbow bridge

After 50mins of sailing, 30 mins of refreshments and 2 cruise rides, we finally saw Odaiba from afar. Top photo’s the buildings and the bottom photo is the rainbow bridge.  May 4’s very foggy and the weather forecast is rain but instead, it’s just a cloudy day. This is one of the reasons why my pictures seems a little gloomy, mr. sun’s not present.


That did not stopped us to enjoy though. Especially when the seashore is as beautiful as this! There are a lot of couples and children everywhere that day so it was pleasing.


There’s also an on going “Odaiba Oktoberfest 2014”. Art and I laughed so hard seeing it. Not because it was a funny festival but the October have “K” and in the Philippines, Octoberfest are done in October. Haha anyway, there are flowing beers, wines and every Osake (alcohol) they have. If only I am not on medication, I’ll be pleased to join them.


So instead we just went around and look what we found! A replica of the statue of Liberty. This plus the rainbow bridge makes us forget that we are in actually in Japan.


But Japan has it’s ways to remind us that we’re still here! Look at that gigantic robot. How can other countries will win the war against Japan with this big Gundam robot?lol, just kidding. It’s so cool though. The eyes have lights too. Me and Art for scale. Sorry, didn’t have any bananas hahaha

new cars

Toyota have their car show too. And tourists can ride some of the cars although those cars are not like the race cars.

old cars 1


Surprising enough, there’s another car show (different mall from Toyota’s) of vintage cars. “Pre war” cars in Japan. There are actually a lot but my phone camera’s battery is dying so, I have to spare some. Too bad. But that leaves enough for everyone’s time to be in Odaiba, right?


From New York (Statue of Liberty) to Japan (Gundam Robot) to Europe. This is the best mall I ever been in. Europe styled and there’s an artificial sky at the ceiling. Very romantic, serene and too beautiful to be a mall. It’s called Venus mall, I think.


L-R: Art and I at Toyota’s big screen, Coffee: my staple going out thing, the ferry’s wheel outside, japan’s versions of chains of korea, Hawaiian festival of Odaiba AKA hot white men and women dancing and our special dinner.

Other attractions in Odaiba are: Stardome (2,000yen/person) – this is where wax figures of international celebrities are, Sega (3,400yen – 2,400yen depends on time) – an indoor amusement park and gaming center.  Legoland – self defined

night 1night 2

Odaiba at night. Sorry for my iPhone’s resolution!

After a half day and  dinner, we went home via train station. If you wish to go there by train, the station is: Tokyo Teleport station. It took me another 60mins to go home but my heart is smiling. I experienced the traditional Japan in Asakusa in the morning and the modern day Japan in Odaiba. The cruise in Tokyo Bay is also a plus! Odaiba’s now my favorite Tokyo destination so far. I was in awe how beautiful a man made place is because a little trivia: Odaiba is part of the sea. The genius engineers put some land and constructed the place. I would love to be back and bring a special someone! haha the place is romantic, I can’t help to think that way. 



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