Smile and the whole world smiles back at you, indeed.

While I was copying materials for my classes last week, I saw the list of students at the corner. Surprised, I smiled. The school has approximately 600 plus students. And as the only English teacher, I can’t believe I see those 600 students once per week. But that’s not the reason I smiled. The truth is, with those hundred of pupils I teach; one single kid is exceptional for me. Come on, teachers! Let’s all admit it, we have our favorites! Haha!

This particular kid is one of my 2nd graders. He is not the most brilliant in class; In fact, when I told them to color Doraemon in Blue, he colored him in pink, yellow, green and a little blue. He is not the most participative either. I can just see him opening his mouth but not saying the English words I teach. He is not also like some students who come in the English room and jump on me, high five or hug me. He is a quiet person. Well, not really quiet because he’s one of the naughtiest kid in his class. Laughing so loud and saying nihonggo terms I do not understand. But, still, he is my favorite despite I don’t even know his name! Not because of a school-related stuff but because of one thing he only does: smiling.

This little kid, with newly big teeth, retainers while smiling will melt your heart out. He is like an animae, his eyes just turns into a curve and a big smile. Of course, most of my students smile at me. It’s natural for kids to smile but this little kid, he smile all the time. While I teach, he sits at the front row with a big, big smile, while we play games; he is smiling and when he arrives in class he will smile and say good morning and even if he sees me at the corridors he will smile at me so big that I can’t help but smile back even if I am having a bad day myself. I couldn’t forget the time we had the “Sit down, Stand up exercise” and I made fun of all of them by doing things repeatedly. Some complained (but really few) but he did it willingly with a big smile on his face. To me, he is the living proof that a smile can reach hearts and make the whole world smile back at you.

This little kid’s smile is so precious to me (not in a creepy way!). This is the smile that you know is genuine and every day, we see fake smiles and people faking that they’re okay. But with this little kid, there are no pretensions. His smile is so real, so sweet that even the other teachers have appreciated it. It is a smile that can make you smile too.

Once, the entire 2nd graders 3rd class entered my room and everyone was quiet. It was the first time I saw this kid not smiling. He looks so sad sitting in front of me and their homeroom teacher said she scolded the kids. Oh, the sadness I also felt so I tried my best to make every single student happy with our lesson. It’s effective though and it makes me happy to see a class smiling and this little kid happy again.

I just wish life treat him kindly; I wish as he lived in this cruel world, his smile is not taken away from him. The joy he spreads when he does is extraordinary. I hope this world and the people in it won’t take away his precious little smile.


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