In the last ten months living in Japan, you won’t hear me talk so much. It’s the least that I do now. Except when I am teaching a class or having some activities at church or someone calling me. Other than those, I am always silent. All my emotions, feelings, as always, have been bottled up. Even here in my blog, I am silent. I don’t talk a lot and say a lot. There’s nothing to say in fact. And all the more there’s nothing to tell. And maybe it’s the best thing to do right now. Just be silent. Be unheard. Because it’s not always a bad thing to be quiet.

There is beauty in solitude. The way that no one can get through your skin, no one can pass that wall. Because also that way, there are less damage people can do. More doors are closed but it may also mean more time for those who really care; for the true friends who are really there and for relatives who really are concerned.

There is beauty in not being heard. There is splendor in silence.


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