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I’m NOT a morning person. Extra emphasis on NOT. I don’t like waking up early as I don’t like Nato. Lol. But I can endure mornings. For work, I get up early and start my day. And let’s be honest, some mornings are less annoying than others. Likewise, some mornings, especially on a MONDAY, are the WORST. So much worse than others.

One particular Monday morning, I woke up in the house alone. Found out there’s no food that pissed me off because I didn’t eat the night before. And you know, girls who are hungry—they are dangerous. Haha I said I’m going to buy food but it was almost salary, thus, I’m as poor as a rat. Much to my dismay before leaving the house, my stockings ripped, have to change, got late for my train so I have to run again to catch the other one. You know, Murphy’s law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. He should have added: Especially on a Monday morning.

Anyhow, I made it to my bus (the reason why I need my train on time, because the bus is only every after 30 minutes). And when I got to my stop, I not only feel exhausted but also hungry and pissed. However, something else happened. When I got off the bus, I heard someone saying, “え~~~ 英語の先生!”(Ooh, the English teacher!). When I looked back, I saw a first grade girl was waving at me with a BIG smile. I said good morning, my mood still the same but forced a smile. She asked, “お元気ですか?” (How are you?). I said I’m fine. She smiled again and started skipping. She asked again, as if on cue, “朝ごはんを食べましたか?”(Did you eat breakfast?). I smiled again, this time genuinely because it feels like the universe is conspiring to make me smile through the little girl. I answered her too and I said, “No”. She was shocked and she told me that I should eat even just bread from breakfast.Then, suddenly, she held my hand. She smiled at me and I smiled back.

This little girl has no idea. ZILCH. NONE. How she just made my day okay. How her little innocent questions and smiles made my mood change. Sometimes the little kids I teach doesn’t even know that they change my feelings so quickly. I know as a teacher, it’s my job to encourage them. Bit most of the time, really, it’s the other way around.


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