People have always something to say.

It’s a fact that whatever you do, people will see something and critisize you for it. And if there is one thing I regret doing was to please everyone. Try to make people around me happy and please even those I do not like. For the record, I’m totally done with it.

After leaving the country I grew up in, and after some dramas I went through in that 2 years, I was waken in a different side of reality. Before, I was always stuck between my happiness and others’. As a man-pleaser that I was, I kept chosing what they will be happy with and just try to be cheerful even though my heart was broken a couple of times. But now, I got to realize my happiness is my own. People have always something to say, so screw it. I’ll do what will make me happy. And guess what, I never been this happy in my life. I have never been so content and so genuinely enjoying what I have. It’s a bit late to say but I feel like my life is just beginning at 24.

Yes, I have a boyfriend with a different nationality. But who cares. He showed me things I never seen from anyone before. Our relationship is not full of drama and rollercoaster ride. It’s more of a smooth sailing boat. I never thought that I will be with someone who compliments me a lot and who never get tired when I have my tantrums. In fact, he will just laugh it off and shrug. He is so ever patient with me; always understanding when I get too moody. He, and our relationship, is like a breath of fresh air. There is no heavy dramas. We do argue, of course. But we never get to a time of breaking or crying.

My point is, we may be different in so many ways but our relationship is mature. And I’m not, in a million years, will give this up just because of what people are saying.


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