Whenever I have a hiatus at work, may it be a month-long summer vacation or a 7-day golden week; I enjoy every bit of it by going somewhere and travelling together with my favorite travel buddy (AKA my boyfriend). I explore new places from the interesting and very much beautiful Tokyo to longer travels in Osaka, Nara, Yokohama, Enoshima and Kamakura. Exploring Japan is pretty much exciting but going out is something else—last winter and spring, a bit of Paris, Netherlands and Belgium and last summer was Italy.

“I had fun” is such an understatement for it. Maybe “I had the time of my life” is close to describe every trip we had together. This is why going back to my usual routine after the hiatus is something I struggle with. First few weeks were okay—I usually just endlessly talk about the trip to anyone all day. But when the hype is over and the heat has died down, I feel sadness from within. Partly because I had way too much fun and mostly because I miss my travel buddy so much. Once, I felt that deep sadness while alone in my English room so I googled it. It’s a “post-vacation” blue. When going back to a natural routine seems so boring and sad because of the amount of fun I have experienced.

During this time, I have less and less interest on the things I like doing and feel sadness most of the time. Luckily, now I know it is temporary since I’ve experienced before. And because it is not so new to me anymore, I know that distracting me is the only solution.

Although I am familiar with the feeling though, it still happens and the truth is it’s starting now. 3rd week after our trip, it’s like the “hang over” have died down and I’m feeling nostalgic. Fortunately though I have so many distractions at this time: I’m trying to make a “cool” art vector certificate that I’m sure will take me a long time to finish (It’s ok, deadline is March!). Besides that, I am also learning a new language—Dutch! I have bought a book and hence, I wish I can do well with self-study. Also, I am addicted to this warcraft game to keep myself busy. Lastly, I am trying to make my own page as a graphic artist.

It may be a lot of distractions but sometimes at night, I still feel the blues in me. There are times I wish I’m still in Venice, looking at the river, seeing views I only saw in pictures or trying to annoy my boyfriend all the time (I know he feels the same blues though. Work keeps him occupied too!). Even though I feel this way most of the time, I think travelling will always be a part of me. It might be tough after but it is an opportunity to look at the map and plan again.


To myself: cheer up, buddy! Hang in there. x


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