“You’re like a work of art. Not everyone will understand you. But those who do will never forget you”

I’m not easy to understand.

Most of the time, people misinterpret my actions, some misjudge me for my decisions, others just cant understand how I roll. I know, I’m not easy to understand. That’s why I treasure those who truly does. 

My personality is easy. I’m always hiding something. Now, before I’m mis quoted again, let me explain on that:

I’m not very expressive. In a very strange way it’s difficult for me to connect with people in a deeper level. I don’t easily trust. I have my wall. And even if you are my friend, I can’t assure You can pass that wall. Not because I don’t want to. I really do but that’s my personality. I’m very protective of myself. One, because I grew up without my parents and two, I know I am born a lone wolf. I protect myself naturally. 

A big part of that is hiding my feelings. I never say what I feel since I’m young. I remember just crying in my room silently then going out as if nothing happened. I dont tell anyone when I’m helpless. I dont like to bother someone but when you approach me, I will gladly open up (If I trust you). I dont like asking for help, as bad as it may sound. As long as I can, I’ll do it on my own. Unless I am barely hanging, I will do everything on my own. That screwed me when I worked in a company. So many mistakes everywhere because I’m too shy or to prideful to ask for help. 

I work alone. I cry alone. I enjoy my days being alone. 

This is why I am misinterpreted. Why most don’t understand me. It’s not being snobbish, it’s not being apathetic. I am just reserved. Not on my will but this just how I am. 

I am always misunderstood but It’s okay. Some people understands me. My boyfriend does, my best friends does and I think, they’re more than enough. 


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