Why I decided to write again

I’ve been writing my whole life.

Just kidding.

Of course, I’m not. Not the whole 18 years—ehem—25 years of my life. Maybe most part of it. Maybe.

However, just like most amateurs feeling writer out there, I never had my ultimate dream come to reality. Like how “She’s Dating A Gangster” got so popular in wattpad, had a book published and soon enough a movie. And, she’s so much younger than me. Oh my gosh, can we just pause for a while so I can sob in peace for that? Lol

In my time, not that I’m 60 or something, we didn’t have wattpad. In my not so long ago teenage years, we have a “Creative Corner” in a Magazine forum. I posted a lot of novels in there. I had hits too! A LOT of them, to be honest. I felt like for a moment, I was one of the best writers. It was the time of my life. My writing skills are crappy af but everyone can relate to it so it didn’t even matter. It was, maybe, my golden years. But college came, tons of work load, I still kept my blogs alive (that time I was juggling 3 blogs. RIP my multiply blog. I will forever miss it.)

Recently, I don’t post a lot anymore. I still write. In fact, my notebook is filled with papers full of my writing but I never posted them anymore. I lost all interest to be honest. It’s too late to be something anymore. My desperation to be a novelist, or be a writer, is gone.

But my boyfriend—he’s ever so convincing. Lol. He told me not to give up writing and after so much thought, I realized, why not. I will continue to disappoint myself by not finishing any of my works hahaha

As of now, I’m still working on novels I haven’t finished. Some are soooo long ago, back in 2007. Don’t judge.

So, I’m back. I guess. We will see.



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