Latey, you’ll find me sleeping. Like, all the time. I am a sleeper, yes. But even for my own standards, I can feel something is wrong. 

You see, I’ve been feeling a bit different lately. I stopped going to social events, I stopped doing what I like even playing a game I was obsessed with. I feel withdrawn; in the middle of wanting to socialize and being left alone. And of course, the latter always win. I feel like the stress is taking it’s toll on me. I get sick so fast and I have no energy to do anything anymore. 

I’m burned out. I’m tired and stressed. I dont like being nagged. I want the silence. I want to be alone but I want someone to hug. I know, it’s confusing. 

Only my students distract me. They make me forget that I am lonely or missing Redmar. Or, feeling like nobody understands me. My students are my escape for now but even this school year is ending soon. 

All I am looking forward now is March. To be with Redmar again. To be free with him again. Have fun and refresh. Oh… I’m waiting for March so bad…

But for now, I have to keep it together. 


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