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JP Travels: Sanrio Puro land


The truth: I have so many back logs on traveling since 2014. Yes, I’m that lazy! Haha But anyway, I’ll post them all in the coming days (IF and only IF I don’t get really lazy again). Those travel back logs will feature: Osaka, Kamakura Island, Yokohama, Paris and Italy. As of now, let me tell you my last weekend’s refresh button—if Disneyland is “the happiest place on earth”, for me this is the “most kawaii place on earth”!

We all know little girls are die-hard fans of hello kitty. It’s a fact. And didn’t we all go to a phase where most of our things are hello kitty? From footwear to dresses to pencil cases and even hair pins! I surely did when I was a kid. So my ultimate dream then beside riding an airplane and taking some clouds home is to go to Sanrioland. My dream was fulfilled around 20 years later when my hype of hello Kitty is gone. But hey, it did happen!

The place

My first thought when going to the park was to dress warm—layers of clothes, thick leggings and jacket and my big furry scarf. But, turned out… Sanrioland is indoor. Yes, INDOOR. It’s like a big dome with 3 floors, I think. It’s really warm inside so I have to put my things in the lockers at the entrance hall.

Indoor may be nice but one of the down sides for me is the lights. They’re a little bit dim. Maybe it is for the “drama” effect that you are in a different land. It surely did add up to it but my eyes are sucker for bad lights. I get a headache so easily with them. Other than that, the ambiance feels like you’re in a different world and it surely looks so cute inside with the big “wisdom tree” and the set designs.

The park itself

Sanrioland is a home for kids. Sure enough, kids were everywhere that day. However, teenage girls were everywhere, too. In some sense, it will make you feel so young at heart. That being said, there are no ride in the park. Well, there are two: one with the boat that will tour you around the characters and another with a track. None is intense and none is fast. So, I warned you. Lol

The park though has a lot of shows. Every theater has time shown at the entrance on when the shows were starting. We only seen one with Jewel Pet. It was entertaining. Looks like a cosplay show. Also, they have the main show at the main hall with all the characters. It was really nice but we were a little bit late so we didn’t find a nice place to see it. TIP: Look for a nice place 30 minutes before the show starts so you’ll be comfortable enough.

Also, Sanrio characters were all over the place. You can take a photo with them and hug them. Yes! Most characters are very nice to the extent they’ll really hug you. But because there were a lot of shows, most characters only come out with a time limit. We went to a line for the rabbit character but the time was gone and they just replaced her. We didn’t complain. We can’t. Lol.


Over all, I had so much fun! It was so cute you won’t mind to just walk around all day. Little kids will surely love this place and if you’re like me and my friends, you will surely do too!

They also have desserts and food shaped as hello Kitty characters for the whole experience.

And of course, I had fun because I was with these two kawaii ladies themselves!


If you plan to visit Sanrio Puroland, it is located at: 1-31 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo 206-8588. From Shinjuku, it’s around 1 hour away but from me it was 2 hours train ride. The entrance is 3,000Y on weekdays and around 4,000Y on weekends (for adults). You can check out their website here: http://en.puroland.jp/.


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