Today while I was making bookmarks for my special needs class, the Math teacher came up to me. Of all the teachers, he knew english well. He even studied at Oxford University and have a daughter who is living in San Francisco. He told me he won’t be able to see me on my last day and he wanted to say goodbye. I shook his hand. Said thank you for everything he did. I was at the verge of giving my e-mail address because of all things, I wanted to keep in touch. He said he’s going to miss me for he’s at another school next school year. I wanted to tell him I am staying at the same school but the information is  still a confidential matter. 

I went to my locker shortly after and prepared to go home. When I went to the hallway. He was there. He said he wanted to say good bye. So we talked a little bit, shook hands and he said he’s gonna miss me. He went out with me at the school and said goodbye. 
Having a friend in a school for an english teacher is a bit tough. First, most of us can’t speak decent Japanese and second, most teachers are always busy. This school year was the best I had so far. I had friends: the two math teachers, the music teacher and the 5th grader teachers. They were really nice to me even the barrier of our language. 
Simple things are the most treasured one. Saying goodbye is inevitable but all good things are never void. It will forever be treasured. 

To the Sansu Sensei (I cant put his name), thank you. I know you know how much I appreciate your help. 

See you again soon. 


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