Yes, I’m in Belgium. Yes, I’m safe.

I arrived in Belgium, was beautiful monday afternoon. The airport immigration staff was as usual very strict with me. He asked a lot of questions that were not that difficult to answer. After typing and looking at my papers, he let me in.

Inside, the airport seems normal. I waited for my bag and connected to the internet to text my boyfriend that I landed. I went out, I saw him, we hugged, kissed and went out. Outside, we saw some military people. He said Brussels is still in high alert because of what happened to Paris. We said, it’s possible there may be an attack in the big capital and joked, we are lucky he lives in a desserted town.

Early the next day, we woke up in that desserted town, had breakfast and saw on the news-Brussles airport has been attacked by terrorist. First time that went to my mind was… what are the chances that I just arrived the day before? Chill run through my spine. We opened the TV, saw all casualities and I called my parents. I never thought it will happen, the horror was inside of me. It could be me. I could be there. But, I wasn’t. God protected me, he never intended me to be harmed.

I receieved a lot of messages from friends, families and even work how I was doing. I kept reassuring everyone that I am okay. In all the chaos, Red decided to post a photo of me eating my  breakfast with a big smile and thumbs up to show everyone that I am safe and even enjoying sausages. But, the messages kept coming.

The prime minister of Belgium asked everyone to not go out but Red and I decided to go out for a drive. The news is depressing, we wanted to get away a little bit. I sent most of our photos and videos to the people who were really worried about me and they shut up after. Because, really, Belgium is a safe place. It’s just a victim of terrorism.


We decided put off the roof of his car even if it was about 15 degrees. The sun was out, which was a little bit rare with Belgium weather. Planned to go to a castle, we ended up being lost so we just drove around.

One of the best things was when we went to the horses and talked to them a little bit. By that time, we have forgotten that there was an attack. Pretty much, we were just enjoying the country side.

To all who sent me messages, Thank you for your concern. I hope this post make your  heart at ease. I am safe, Belgium is not a bad country. I see you all back in Japan. xx

And if you are still doubting, I just captured this image before I posted my blog. This our backyard.



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