An essay I did when I was 16.

NOTE: I was going through my old e-mail amd curiously went through the sent items because sometimes, I email myself. Although it is really weird, I found an essay I wrote and sent myself. It was sent 09/20/07 at 4:07 PM. 2007… I was 16. I was shocked because it was written nicely. Anyway… here it goes…

Color of grey fills the Caribbean blue beyond high buildings and telecommunicationtowers. Million droplets of water came rushing and kiss the earth’s surface. It creates an atmosphere of worry among people. They run as soon as they could to avoid those every plunge to touch their skin. It’s beautiful actually when you think of the rain. Some say it’sthe tears of the sky, seeing human being make mistakes that day, leaving no space for love for each other and it surroundings. But rain does not only have to be shower. It doesn’t just only goes into the cycle of water which evaporates condensates and precipitates. It’s more of a series, more of droplets and more of a blessing than destruction.

It’s amazing how a child appreciate the goodness of the rain. They are just so excited to get out, be wet, play hard and have some fun while most of us shook their skull and scratch their heads. We often do not realize that the rain brings a handful of sunshine in our lives than as we see it. Without it, there would be dry dams, no harvest, and shortage of water. We don’t even realize that it’s helping us to survive the crucial world we have.

In life, we still encounter rain. In the deepest part of our being, we actually think that we are in the middle of a storm, waiting to be washed away by those tiny droplets of water. We some times think that the rain slowly takes the color of our world. That within a second, everything turns into gray. It’s not new to feel this way. We all experienced the bad side of life. There are even more than twenty-six storms that hit our area of responsibly every year. It’s battle in the midst of a super typhoon everyday. But, we should always be holding into one still being. The rain doesn’t just make us weak but get us stronger. We should all consider that every rain stops. It’s not that everyday that you’relife would be flooded and buried under meters of water. Maybe, sometimes it took us a while before we cope with it, but the thing is, every flooded street gets back into its dry state. Every heavy cloud even runs out. Every destruction gives way to a whole new beginning.


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