30-Day Blog Challange

Naming my blog and things I’m bad at (1/30) #30daysBlogChallenge

It was another normal day, going home from work. I was scrolling my IG feed when I saw my friend posted a 30-day Blog challenge. I was curious so I read most of the topics there and the first thing that went to my mind: I. NEED. THIS. My lazy ass needs some motivation.

Day 1: Name of the Blog

Surprise, surprise: MY BLOG HAS NO NAME. *cries of disappointment*

The header of my blog is my nick name, which I put because I can’t think of any title. The truth is, I’m bad at naming my blog. For the record, I had a lot of blogs already and they are badly named. This actually had “Sands under my feet” that is a song of Donna Summer that I randomly typed but I got tired of the meaningless title and deleted it then settled to my name instead. Tip: It’s the easiest way out haha

Other than naming my blog, I am also bad at MAINTAINING my blog. I am too lazy to even type all the things I have written in my free time. As an evidence, I have 21 drafts here from 4 years ago and who knows when. Blog entries that were left and abandoned.

Actually, I loved one blog I had and it was in Multiply.com and sadly, the site disappeared with all the entries I had and my heart-felt posts. lol. Since then, I lost it. I don’t want to blog anymore but I NEED to blog because I’m that someone who put my frustrations, sadness and every emotion into words. Without it being out, I will burst into many pieces you can’t put back together (Hyperbole). Anyway, I blogged again. Named the url: just another multiply account dot wordpress dot com. To psyche myself and in memory of my lost blog. haha

Last thing I’m bad at is promoting my blog. Because first, I don’t want people to see it. At least people I know. That’s why sometimes I post vague things and things only I will understand. Because honestly, I’m blogging for myself and not for others. I’m blogging because it’s my own therapy when everything gets unbearably miserable or unbearably happy.  I need an extension of my mind and quiet honestly, I don’t like people reading my mind and knowing my emotions.

Blogging is not a popularity thing for me. It’s my way of making myself sane. It’s my way of letting my inner writer do the work and maybe that’s why I don’t need any name for it. My name is enough because this blog is an extension of myself.



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