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The most narcissistic entry eveer. (2of30)

As if posting about my daily life and rant are not enough, here’s the ULTIMATE Narcissistic post, ever.

Day 2: 20 facts about you

1. My dad once told me the “x” in our surname was once “s” (Austero). To be honest, it doesn’t make it less foreign sounding. But, he said eventually it became “x” because his great grand father changed it.

2. The greatest dream of my life is to have a book published. Although I am really fond of creative writing because it gives life to the things in my head, I also once read a quote which says, “If you want to be immortal, have a child, plant a tree or write a book.” Obvs, I chose the latter.

3. That dream though is still a dream because fact number 3: I never really finish anything I wrote. Well, I did but I just finished it for the sake of finishing the story. I haven’t had the satisfaction of finishing something I like from cover to cover.

4. However, before being an author, I always been fond of drawing. I still draw now since I became a teacher. It’s one of the things I love doing.

5. Speaking of being artsy, I was one of the first who learned how to use Photoshop in High school. Truth to be told, my sister just pushed me to learn it. I didn’t have any books or anyone. I self-thought Photoshop.

6. Now, to LITERALLY writing, my hand writing is one of the smallest things on earth. My professor always complain about it haha

7. As a typical quiet person, I am even more quiet in three different times: when I’m annoyed/angry (Which I think is very common), when I’m super tired and when I just woke up from a sleep or a nap.

8. Which leads me to: I’m not a morning person. Before I take my coffee, you should give me at least 100 meters distance lol

9. I hate horror movies. I don’t usually watch one and I’m not planning to, even with my beau.

10. The reason for number 10 is I have SLEEP Paralysis so often.  Now, it’s not so much anymore but in High school and college, it happened almost every night. It’s terrifying and very much scary how you are half awake and half asleep. If you don’t know what that is, google it at your own risk.

11. One essential travel thing you will always see me carrying is… water. haha I’m very water-dependent. I drink 1 glass of water when I wake up because I’m thirsty af. My bag always have my pink water thermos because I need water at school. Also, when I travel may it be inside the plane, in Belgium, going in Tokyo or in Rome… I always have a water bottle. Ask my boyfriend, he knows it well haha

12. My biggest pet peeve is looking for things. Trust me, of you lose most of your things so easily, this will always be your pet peeve.

13. My mind is my enemy. I over-think a lot to a point that everything becomes negative. My mind also is my pressure cooker… always pressuring me to do something.

14. As per my attitude, I don’t meddle with other people’s business. Not unless they want me to or I am directly involved. I do this because I don’t like people meddling with my life.

15. My boyfriend and a couple of my friends says I’m an easy person. Easy in a way that I just go with the flow with you. It’s actually true. I have my preferences but I don’t mind to try new things with other people.

Okay, almost there! I’m trying to make it flow-y but I might crack in these last five lol:

16. Aside from Asthma, I also have Bruxism. It’s when you grind your teeth while you sleep. I have it because my jaw is always tight so my dentist says I should always relax my jaw. Thus, you’ll see it around the house: small post-its that says, “Relax your jaw!” haha

17. I’m currently addicted to two things: Game of Thrones and Hearthstone.

18. Traveling the world is also something I would like to do. Ofc, with my boyfriend.

19. I honestly never thought, not even once, that I will be in an interracial relationship; LDR even. But look where I am now.

20. It may not be so obvious but: I’M A RISK-TAKER.

If Alma Moreno have the saying, “Dasal lang, dalang lang talaga”, I have the saying, “Lakas ng loob. Lakas ng loob lang talaga!” haha I always consider myself a weakling and a coward but looking back now to the things I have done, I under estimated my own strength.

I am a risk-taker. Maybe I have it inside me since and it was evident when in 4th year HS, I went to manila with my best friends just to be in a fair, without our parents’ consent and very little money. It was my first adventure. It did not end there. I lived in Manila for 2 years alone, I worked in a company I never heard, I moved to Japan and applied to be a teacher. Lakas lang talaga ng loob! Even flying to the other side of the world for the person I love, not minding the risks. But tbh, it’s all worth it. All the risks. All the pains, the hard-work and hardships.

Until now, this is what I tell myself: Ang lakas talaga ng loob mo girl! Because even I, myself, still get surprised on how far I can go and how great the risk I am willing to take.

So… let’s wrap it up before I get emotional. haha

This challenge is really something fun for me. Thank you Gem!


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