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The Thrift Shop (3of30)

Day 3: Your Favorite Childhood book

In the small town where I grew up, there was a thrift shop I loved going with my friends.

The shop was actually an old abandoned house, which looked like a Spanish-era built. It was made of pure wood, had sliding windows made of capiz and there were dusts lying everywhere. As in, everywhere. The shop was selling a lot of used things from old furniture, used appliances to clothes and every old thing that was considered “antique”. On the second floor which by the way, before we reach we had to go up the steep, dusty stairs that sometimes I thought will break, there were a lot of shelves with old books–text books, novels and even magazines a like. They’re cheap as they were old and dusty; They cost around  10~50 pesos (Below 100Yen), very affordable for students who can’t afford even a cup of gulaman haha

Usually, we go there to buy old magazines for school project but we also loved hanging out in that part of the thrift shop. We read some books, looked at every cover, laughed at old pictures and just loitered while our hands got black from all the dust. No hyperbole. And also there, I found the first book I loved.

I can’t say this was my “childhood” book because to be honest, I was a late bloomer in reading. I started in 6th grade–not so the “childhood” phase haha I don’t really remember if I found the first book I loved in Elementary or HS. I bet the latter but… I was still child at heart! haha

Anyway… the book was a part of a series named “CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURES”.

It was a series of books with different stories, of course. Each book have 20 different ending to the story. The story ends depending on my choices. The book was a 2nd person point of view. As if basically I was the character and I decide what will happen next. How? At the end of a chapter, there were choices at the bottom and it said, “If you chose A, skip to page x”. Until I came up with a story of my own and ending of my own.

My friends and I bought one book each and we exchanged books after we finished them. I read it religiously and accepted my faith at the end. However, after finishing the book, I read it again and pick a difference choice just to know what will happen haha

Today though, I don’t remember where the books are. Maybe I lent them and forgot, lost them or just back at my home. So, I googled the series and I was shocked that it was originally made 1979–1998. But knowing where I found them, yeah. Maybe they’re really old haha


I’m not sure where to find them now. Maybe Amazon or some bookstores still have them. But, you know the drill: the local thrift shop always have something gold.

Go find yours!


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