30-Day Blog Challange

Loud and Proud… Not really. (4of30)

It’s already 11pm here in Japan, I just got home from chatting with my friends so.. my mind is more clattered than ever haha I’ll make it short too for the sleep is knocking on my system.

Day 4: Your Proudest Moment

Looking at my 25 silver years, I can’t pick my proudest moment.. YET. Yes, because I have a lot of them, I just can’t pick one… NOT. Lol. The truth, I don’t know if there are things I have done to be proud of so far. Maybe I will put it in a different perspective.

As a daughter, my proudest moment was when I finished my studies, on time with honors. If you consider best in research paper an honor. Haha.

As a career woman, my proudest moment was when I finally had the courage to leave my previous job. That was the most difficult for me to do that time. Leaving my boss, who believed in me so much was one tough choice and changing career was another.

Speaking of my career now, my proudest moment as an English teacher was when I asked my students about the sounds of all the alphabet with keywords and they perfected it. As in, PERFECT. I have never heard a class that perfect at phonics like those 2 classes. I felt proud because I taught them phonics last year and they know it so well.

As a girlfriend, my proudest moment is even though we are apart, being faithful is very easy for me.

Over all in life, my proudest moment so far is just getting through everything that had happened to me all the way. I have a fair share of ups and down; I faced so many trials in my life and still is, actually. But I am proud because I’m still standing. I’m still here. I fought, I did lose some but I did win some, too.


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