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淋しい(I miss you)

When the day light comes, the easy breeze from the window open my day and wake me up, I miss you. Especially on a lazy Sunday morning, where I have nothing to do, my mind is awake; I lie on my bed and wish you’re holding me.

On a Sunday morning, I miss you most. When I’m the only one wake, there is no one to talk to. When being lazy brings back the memories with you, annoying each other and playing games together.

When I’m frustrated, I miss you most. When things are spinning out of control on my hands and there’s no one to steady it but myself. When I woke up late for work, run outside to catch my train, when I walked 30 minutes to school, I miss you. I miss your smile, your laugh and your comfort when I’m frustrated and in a bad mood. I miss the blue in your eyes and the beam you kept hiding.

In times of my clumsiness, I miss you most. When I run the stairs and fall flat on the ground, I miss you asking me if I’m alright; instead, sea of people looking at me with curious eyes. When spill my drink on my shirt, I miss your laugh. When I am at my worst of my gaucheness, I miss you being there to make fun of me with very concerned eyes.

Eating new dishes and tasty food, there and then, I miss you most. I miss you when they serve a really nice lunch at school and I want you to taste it, too. I miss you when I discover a new ice cream flavor that irked me to the bones and wished it irked you, too. I miss you when I miss the food we love eating together; when I see Mexican restaurants, I miss you most.

Where there’s no work to do anymore at school and I’m waiting for my time to finish, I miss you most. I miss you at my idlest moment, thinking what are you up to, what are you doing, what are you dreaming.

I miss you very moment, every thought and every pain. I miss you most on a lazy Sunday morning.


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