30-Day Blog Challange

My Favorite Movie (6of30)

Day 6: Your Favorite Movie

This particular challenge is tricky. It’s like choosing among your children who is your favorite: You. Just. Can’t.

In the first place, there are a lot of factors to consider: Genre, Length, Actors, Theme, Settings, Sequels, etc. But for the sake of ART (as if), I’m going to pick one; and quite honestly, when I saw Day 6, all I have in mind is this one movie.

Two words, one person: JOHN WICK.

“John Wick” gave me 3 essentials that melt my heart: Dogs, Guns and a bad ass protagonist.

Before anything else, if you haven’t seen the movie (Although it’s like years ago) and want to save it (for whatever reason), this post is dark and full of spoilers.


Movie Plot

The movie started like most clichés: A funeral, a wife who died and a lonely mysterious guy. It took us to another level of cheesiness when someone delivered a dog—specifically a beagle named Daisy—which was a gift from his dead wife. It was a little slow at the beginning. His car was shown then eventually, he went to a gasoline station, met some “gangster” guys who wanted to buy his car. He refused. That night, he woke up and some people intruded his really nice and modern house, took his car and… for the love of all animals… killed his dog. THAT changed everything.

Eventually, they revealed in a very creepy and exciting way who he really was. He was John Wick, the best of best of all assassins. He was the “boogeyman”. Now, let’s fast forward, he dug into the concrete floor the long forgotten weapons he has buried and the inner assassin was awakened. The story circled around how ONE man just killed all the mafia and eventually the mafia boss. Then, got a new dog again.
How touching is that? Haha

Anyway, John Wick is action-packed movie. Lead by Keanu Reeves. ‘Nuff Said.

Honorable Mention

I ALMOST picked this as my favorite movie but the problem is it doesn’t have any dogs, guns or a bad-ass protagonist. Sadly. Lol.

However, this movie in terms of creativity, uniqueness, morals, music, comedy, drama and a bit of action… it’s really one of the nicest one. It’s a plus too that it’s a Bollywood film.

It’s the 3 IDIOTS

The truth, thisis one of those movies I didn’t thought I will like. It’s real, relatable and somehow also a fantasy. Its story is very different from all I have seen: A story of 2 guys looking for their lost friend in College. The movie is full of flashbacks that are actually as equally important as the present setting

I can’t spoil it because it’s one of the greatest movies I’ve seen. Hands down.


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