30-Day Blog Challange

Game of Gossip (7of30)

Day 7: The TV Show You Have Become Addicted to

I was waiting for this day to finally occur because I was really excited to finally talk about my favorite TV show here. Then here I am, typing this on the train going home and my mind is blank. 

Maybe I’m really tired and my mind is blocking my creative juices. Had 7 classes today with TPRs (Total Physical Response). It’s an educational technique which uses motion as language inputs. So, for the whole day I was actually moving and talking x 2 to each every classes. 

Anyway… This is not about TPR. Sorry, I get side-tracked so easily. 

*Back to regular programming*

“Addiction” is such a BIG word when we talk about it. It gives a greater weight when used next to something we like. It takes us to another level. That said, I can only think of 2 TV shows that got me addicted. Or, close to addiction.

1. Gossip Girl

When I first saw one episode of GG at our TV cable, It instantly caught my attention. I was in college that time and was fond of watching American TV shows. GG was every girl’s recipe to fantasy: 1/2 kilo of Gossip, 1 bag of Romance, 1 tbs. of Fame, 2 tbs. of Fortune, 2 bowls of Fashion plus garnish with Guys. A lot of beautiful guys. 

It started as curiosity then blossomed into addiction. The fun part was my friends liked this show as much as I did, too!

Not only we watched it religiously from season 1~6, we also went into the trend of its fashion. Who will ever forget Blair Waldorf’s big ribbon hairbands? And her signature colorful stockings? Who will ever not associate scarves with Chuck Bass? And a punk rock chick with Jenny Humprey? GG changed the way we looked at fashion. Literally. 

Also, my friends and I have gotten a habit of remembering what the characters say. “3 words, 8 letters. Say it and I’m yours” “you know you love me xoxo”

Aside from all those, we loved Chuck Bass to our core. As if Chuck and Ed Westwick were two different persons. We wished Chuck was real and Chuck will be be our prince in the limousine. 

Finally… We made a “Gossip Girl” themed blogged. 

Now I miss my friends! Haha

2. Game of Thrones

I was hanging out with a friend over coffee one day when we talked about Game of Thrones. That was 2 years ago and I never been really interested. He challenged me by saying, “Watch the first episode and I bet you won’t stop watching” 

Those were the days I was always down with flu in Japan and was waiting for my teaching job so I did watched the first episode. 

He was 100% correct. 

I can’t stop watching since then. I finished all episodes and all seasons that passed until I was left with nothing but to wait for a new season. 

Truth is… GoT’s story is really complicated but that did not stop me to be addicted to it. 

Things I did to prove addiction:

1. I actually cry when a dear characters die. Come on. This show is really affecting me. 

2. I read the book. 

3. After every episode, I constantly look for all the reviews. Just to actually analyze what just happened. 

4. I joined a discussion group at facebook because I just can’t get enough. I have to talk to someone

5. I gave copies of the show to my Japanese Coordinator because I kept babbling about it until she got so curious

6. I don’t mind waiting another year to see it

7. My dream destinations now are where the series was filmed

I can go on forever but the train is at my stop now. That’s enough for today. 😉


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