OPM (12of30)

Day 12: What was the first concert you attended

I remember the Delas Casas stage of Letran Calamba, the huge crowd, how the night was dark and the stars were bright. However, I forgot some of the details like how old was I, what year level? Is it the last days of High school Is the first few days of College? In between, maybe? I remember these three things, though: I was with my best friend, Cy, We met one of the most handsome guy I’ve seen in my life and the band we watched was Sponge Cola.

No, it’s not a brand of a soda. It’s a Philippine local band. Lol

It was early 200s when Philippine Local Bands emerged and everyone went gaga over them. I was one of those people. I remember i was in a car and I heard Hale’s first song, “The Day You Said Goodnight” and was shocked to find out a local band performed the song. Also, it was original. OMP boomed really well those years. Other bands emerged: Callalily, kamikaze, Cushé, the band who sang “7 Black Roses” (I forgot their name), Mayonaise, etc. There were loads!

I also remember tuning in to Myx just to see the new videos of the bands I like. It was, maybe, one of the heights of Filipino music. That’s also the reason I went gaga over Spongecola that night. 

My favorite band with my favorite person. It was magical. Actually, I don’t remember mostly haha I just knew it was magical. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying KPOP craze is not good. But, I think the early 200s with bands are phenomenal. Isn’t it cool to support a band from your own country and a song you understand? It sounds really cool to me. 

“Let me know if I’m doing this right. Let me know if my grip’s too tight. Let me know if I could stay all of my life… Let me know if dreams do come true. Let me know it this one’s your too cause I see it right here. And I feel you… Right here. 🎧🎼”


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