30-Day Blog Challange

who’s my number 1? (14of30)

Day 14: 5 Guys you find attractive

5. Adam Gallagher

Adam is the face behind the blog, I AM GALLA. He is a men fashion blogger and I have followed his blog for years now. I’ve seen him evolved from this blonde-haired boy next door to a fine man through his blog. He is such an eye candy because not only he have the perfect chiseled face but also a high fashion to match it. He looks like the upper Elite guy you will see in Manhattan. Although, I am not sure about his gender preference just yet.

4. James Reid

I thought about it for a while: I should pick a local celebrity in the Philippines in this list. just to be fair. Maybe you’ll ask, why not a japanese guy, too? But sorry… I’m not into the East-Asian men. So… James is half Filipino and half Aussie. I like it that his Filipino side isn’t that hidden and you can still see it a bit. He became my crush from PBB Teen many years back when he was still 17 and very thin. His showbiz come back was something for me; it really made me happy. Although his movies are mediocre, I still like looking at his angelic face.

3. Nyle Dimarco

This American-Italian guy is America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 winner and, Dancing With the Stars Champion DESPITE being deaf. Yes, this handsome guy is deaf. He used a phone for translation during his stay at ANTM and his translator. He has a very goofy and out going personality despite his situation.

He looks like a greek god with his perfect body and his face…. his face is to die for. I am not surprised he is part Italian because when I went to Italy… I wished God made me in that race. Italians are damn beautiful–women and men a like. Anyway… he is not only an eye candy but an inspiration all over the world to the deaf community. He’s amazing.

2. Jon Snow

Not Kit Harrington in particular but JON SNOW. Jon Snow is a fictional character from Game of Thrones. for those who doesn’t know, he is a lord’s Bastard in the North. Hence, he can’t bear the surname of the Elite house. Instead, he is called Snow. The surname of the Bastards in their region. Jon went to join the knights Watch, an organization that protects the realm from other species AKA white walkers (Frozen Zombies). He can fight with sword well and just like his lord Father, very honorable man.

A man who can fight white walkers + went to battle, had so many kills + The one who killed Ramsay Snow + The resurrected character with a beautiful face to match.

Bow to the next King: Jon.

1. Redmar VT 

Honestly, when I saw this challenge he was the first one I thought about. No BS. Aside from he is my boyfriend, I really find him attractive. DUH.

What I love about him is he very confident of who he is and if you’ll meet him in real life maybe you’ll be surprised how different he seems to be in pictures than who he is. He is the very positive, all-smiles and fun-loving person. When he walks in the room, he’s like a ray of sunshine. It just light up.

Also, if you happen to see my IG, you’ll find a LOT of his pictures not looking at the camera or almost looking. That’s because I take his pictures without him knowing it. They’re not staged, actually. I always find him doing something then take a snap because I like his face more when he doesn’t know he is photographed. He looks mor relaxed and… he doesn’t do this silly faces he always do when photographing. Like, above picture… he was just looking over the tourists in Italy then I saw the opportunity to take his photo. Same below when we went to Brugge.

He is the most attractive to me because I’m biased haha and because I know him beyond his looks and I love him for who he is. He is an eye candy and he is MY eye candy. Also, besides he is handsome… he can grow some sexy beard. haha



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