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Travel List (15of30)

Day 15: 10 places you to visit

If only travelling is free for me, I would actually go all over the world. I would like to see Brazil, African Safari, the desert of middle east, I want to see Israel, to see the 6 months day and 6 months night in Alaska, the culture of Thailand. Sadly, travelling is NOT free.

Whenever I travel, I travel cheap. But who cares when you can go around and see the culture. It’s the best for me not being on tour buses. When in a place, I like to walk around and see every detail of each places. 

Given that we have limited sources, we can also just limit our country visits. Here are the top 10 places I want to visit and hopefull I see the places someday. 

BTW, this is in order of “I want to see it but maybe not yet” to “I REALLY WANT TO GO HERE! RIGHT NOW!!!!” scale haha

10. San Francisco, USA

I want to see this side of America. The golden Gate Bridge, Lake Taho. I honestly have no interest in visiting some states (Just not my thing. Don’t take it wrongly). However, San Fransisco intrigued me. 

9. Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido is at the north of Japan and it cost a lot by bullet train or by plane. It’s too far north that they said, you can see Russia at the very top of Hokkaido. It’s also why it’s the coldest place in Japan and every popular with tourists during winter. I want to see Hokkaido in the said season. Experience that great of snow, try to snowboard or ski even if I know I will suck at it. Someday, I’ll see Hokkaido. I’m living in Japan anyway. haha

8. El Nido, Philippines

TBH, My boyfriend and I are planning to go to El Nido this summer! Woo-hoo! I’m still crossing my fingers there will be no typhoon in the Philippines when we get there because it might be summer in Japan and in Belgium but it’s already Rainy season in the Philippines. Bummer. Still, I’m keeping my hopes up. who doesn’t want to see that crystal clear water? Certainly not me. 

7. London, England

This time of the year, I feel like my association with English people are growing. Aside from teachers at the same company, I even have a student who have English father to my Japanese coordinator telling me stories about England (She’s a former flight attendant) to an English who bashed me on fb. okay. let’s erase the latter. 

Red (my boyfriend) said London is the most expensive city. That’s one of the reason this is so far in my list. lol and, it’s one of the busiest city. Red have been to biggest cities in Europe and he always tell me stories about his travel – made me more hungry to see those cities as well. 

I want to see Big Ben, the Eye of London and the Royal Family house. Drink English tea and take a photo of the red phone booths.

6. Ireland

The sister country of England (Don’t judge me. lol) I want to see Ireland because: Game of Thrones haha Most of the settings in series were shot here. No arguing about it. 

5. Cambodia

For the longest time, I’ve told almost everyone I want tom see Cambodia. I am sucker for architectural design and history and I can feel both of that in Cambodia. Although I heard some stories which are not so nice I still want to see the place. You ask me why I still haven’t? Because priorities. 

4. Spain

At first I want to see Spain’s Barcelona. First, because of meteor Garden Season 2 where Dao Ming Xi and San Chai went to Barcelona. It was the first few videos I have seen the city and was mesmerized. I saw them in the small motorcycles going around amd drinking from thr foutain that signifies they will come back to Spain. Also, same thing when I saw Lizzie MgGuire the movie. Spain looks so beautiful. 

Currently though, I realized Spain has more to offer than Barcelona like beaches in Valencia where my friend Jolien and Red’s brother are now. Pictures are soooo nice.

Most importantly, they shot Game on Thrones in Spain too haha 

3. Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most popular cities in the world and maybe one of the most romantic cities… Prague. I don’t know. I just want to see Prague as AGAIN, I’m a sucker for architecture and history.

2. Croatia

Red has been nagging about Croatia for the longest time now. It’s actually our first mission when we plan again. or Norway… Croatia looks really nice country side. I would love to see it. 

1. Austria

I don’t know why but when I saw Austria on photo of a blogger, it took my breath away. I want to see Austria so bad at this point of my life. It looks so beautiful and peaceful. It looks Medieval, historic and with more old architectures. I would love to visit. 

As you can see, mostly are from Europe because I don’t know. I love the middle ages things. Not because of Game of Thrones but just because it intrigues me so much. My Japanese coordinator jokingly told me maybe I am from the middle age in my past life. I don’t normally believe in a past life but that would be cool if I was then now I’m in Asia. What are the odds? haha

What are the places you want to visit?

 PS: Photos are not mine.Links are here: 109876/54 /32/1


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