Dear 14-year old me (18of30)

Day 18: Letter to your teenage self.

Disclaimer: Because “Teenage” is too broad, this letter is specifically to High School teenage me.

Hey Yuki,

I know you’re having one of the most difficult times in life. The thought that your parents are finally breaking up feels like the end of the world for you; as if all you are living for turned into dust. I know you hoped for the best because you thought it was sailing well but the reality is now facing you. I believe no words can comfort you right now. Just know no matter how hurt and alone you feel, you will be alright.

Those nights you spent crying on your bed while you hear them discuss, those moments you kept the truth to yourself, didn’t even tell your closest friends… those were the times that will make you stronger than you will ever think.

Then when your dad says it’s now final—even if you knew all along—the decision to call it quits hurts you like hell that you start crying like a child. It’s your first heartbreak and it’s not even about a boy.

Yuki, persevere. Continue on because you are still young. You will face a lot more heart breaks than that. But, you will survive. You will thrive like a small weed in the wild.

I’m sorry to say but years from now, it will still be the same for your parents however, you’ll be okay with it.

For, remember: Wounds heal, the pain will cease. You will rise from this.

Hold on, crying girl. Don’t let go.

Trust me,
Your 25-year old self


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